ASES Serious Game: Autism can be a company asset

The serious game is the centerpiece of the ASES project. The best way to train SME management on autism with the use of the game, is to take them through simulations of interviews and exercises to create an autism -friendly environment. The objective of the serious game is to support SME management to increase workplace inclusion of adults with autism. By playing the game, SME management will meet the following learning objectives: Experience the interview process from both perspectives (SME manager and candidate with autism) - Implement a retention methodology for employees with autism.

ASES VET Curriculum for SME Management

VET course, conforming with the ECVET standards, to train SME management on how to perform interviews with candidates with autism, how to prepare a proper working environment for staff with autism and how to develop them  professionally. In this PR, the consortium will develop all those training components that will support:.

  • A blended learning environment for course delivery
  • A digital version that will be delivered over distance
  • Physical training seminars

ASES e-guide for Rectruiting and Developing Staff with autism

Addressed to SME owners and managers, the project “Recruitment & Development of Staff with autism” electronic Guide will contain practical material and references, to assist potential employers and recruiters of staff with autism. The Guide will include a collection of procedures, tools, tips, best practices, guidelines and overview of interview and professional development methods. It will represent a quick reference document where an employer will consult when in the process of recruiting, managing and  developing staff with autism. The guide will be available in electronic format for faster retrieval of information when when being used through desktop or mobile devices. 2