FPDA-Federação, Portuguesa de Autismo, Portugal,

FPDA – Federação Portuguesa de Autismo is a non-profit NGOPD (Non-Governmental Organization for People with Disabilities), founded in 2003, replacing a NGO founded in 1971. FPDA’s mission is to fight for the rights of people with autism and their families and represent its member associations near to national and international organizations. It includes 13 NGOs all over the country including Açores and Madeira islands. The member associations of FPDA are independent non-profit NGOs working together in projects, campaigns, and other activities. Their principles are Inclusion, Non-discrimination, Solidarity, Association, and Partnership. They support over 3,000 people with autism and their families, promoting social e clinical services. They also promote independent living for people with autism through projects and centers supporting independent living.

Specialisterne ApS, Denmark,

Specialisterne firmly believes in harnessing the power of neurodiversity, recognizing it as a valuable asset rather than a limitation. Their core mission revolves around creating an inclusive and empowering work environment where individuals with unique skills and abilities can flourish. Distinguished by their extensive knowledge of neurodiversity, Specialisterne has developed a specialized recruitment process. This process concentrates on nurturing the talents of their candidates, leading to optimal job placements that unlock their full potential.

Latvijas Autisma apvieniba, Latvia,

The Latvian Autism Association was founded on 1 October 2006. Its aim is to protect the rights and interests of people with autism and to improve public awareness in Latvia. Member of Autism Europe.  It is voluntary non-governmental organization, which advocates for children with autism and serves as a platform for people with autism and their parents to support, learn, share and advice on their experience related to Autism.

8D Games BV, Netherlands,

8D Games employs the power of play to teach people about life skills. For example: learning how to stand up for yourself, being open to new experiences and taking good care of your body and mind. All our projects bring about positive change. We are mainly active in education, the social domain and health care.

The Republic of North Macedonia,

Business Confederation of Macedonia (BCM) was established in 2001. It started operating as an association of employers which articulated, represented and supported the interests of its members and the interests of the business community in the country. Today, BCM’s membership consists of 8.500 companies associated in 13 business associations. Apart from representing and advocating the interests of its members, BCM is a catalyst of the expression of the business community and a driver of the social dialog and the industrial relations in the country. Promoting the concept of running businesses responsibly, BCM encourages the sustainability of the economy and long-term growth of the companies in North Macedonia.


DEKAPLUS is a vocational education and training organisation, primarily focusing on the development of competences and skills of SME management and first line staff. DEKAPLUS is a qualified and certified training centre since commencing its operations in 2006, and offers vocational short courses related to business development and sustainability. DEKAPLUS also has a dedicated department managing EU projects. It undertakes the role of the project writer, project leader or project partner, depending on the nature of the project. Since 2014, DEKAPLUS has been the contact point of the "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs" Programme in Cyprus, assisting start-ups gain a concrete start. Furthermore, the organisation has extensive experience in partitication in Erasmus+ Projects both as partner and coordinator.


OECON Group is a European management consulting firm and a leading advisor in business strategy, social entrepreneurship, as well as an adult education provider established in Thessaloniki, Greece. Founded in 2003 by a group of experts working in the field, OECON Group collaborates with clients and beneficiaries from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions, in order to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, train their personnel and transform their organizations.