ASES Serious Game: Autism can be a company asset

The Serious Game is the centerpiece of the ASES project. The best way to train SME management on ASD with the use of the game, is to take them through simulations of interviews and exercises to create an ASD-friendly environment. The objective of the serious game is to support SME management to increase workplace inclusion of adults with ASD. 

The ASES project and its results focus specifically on teaching materials for the person on the other side of the (job) interview table: the employer or manager. After all, inclusion goes both ways. Large companies such as Microsoft and Dell already have job application procedures specifically designed to recruit people with autism to the team. With success: recruiters and executives report that they have become better listeners and better managers by immersing themselves specifically in this target group. Such large investments and programs are often not feasible for SMEs. With the development of a freely available serious game, we also hope to give SME executives the tools to make their organization more accessible to people with autism. The game covers various topics, from the application process to working together in teams, incorporating scenarios based on common bottlenecks that people with autism experience in the labor market.

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